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What does PRE-MED Online exactly mean?

Premed Online course offers a preparation program for medical school prospective students.

The Premedical Program is designed to provide students with the strong foundation needed to handle the rigorous course of study they will experience in the MD Program. Premed course has been designed for high school graduates or college students with less than 90 credit hours, who seek admission to a medical school and don’t meet the MD Program requirements.

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Applicants must be at least 18
GPA: 2.8
High/ Secondary School Diploma and Official Transcripts (minimum educational background)
TOEFL: 60 or IELTS: 6.0 (if applicable)
Tour the platform
Literature reference sources. Access to a wide array of downloadable materials. Useful indication of syllabus areas you need to cover.
Online Clasess
Explore our knowledge-rich online classes base covering an extensive range of topics.
Share your experience, ask a question, explore 24/7 all under the guidance of instructors.
Compatible with any device. Tests or assessments can be taken anytime, anywhere.
Key benefits
Flexibility over when and where you learn and where you want
Affordable Tuition
Networking with peers across nations
Having the freedom to juggle your career and school
Caribbean Medical University Diploma
Guaranteed CMU Medical Program Admission

Online Premed at CMU is an excellent option for those who do not have the time to attend full time University or do not have the finances to pay fees in excess of $10000 a year. The course material is relevant and up to date. I did a lot of research prior to making my decision to enrol with CMU and I can really say that I am enjoying the programme and I am glad that I chose to go with them.

Brandon Thompson

The learning material is extensive and there are loads of references to useful websites, webinars and other learning materials. The layout of the learning platform is easy to navigate and very easy to use. The staff at CMU made the enrolment process very easy and they are always there to help answer any questions that you may have.

Sally Quinn

I am currently studying premed online and have found that CMU team has been a great help with any queries I have encountered on the way. If like me you still want to work whilst gaining qualifications this program will be able to provide you with everything you need in order to succeed.

Andrea Holtz
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How long will it take to complete an online program?

It will last as long as the standard brick and mortar premed program: Premed consists of 3 semesters (16 weeks each), which is a total of 1 year.

Will my diploma indicate that I have taken an online course?

No. In addition, the course diploma you receive after passing the exam entitles you to an automatic guaranteed admission to the medical program at CMU.

How tuition works?

The tuition fee is $2950 per semester. You can make a one-off payment or pay monthly. The monthly payment is $775. Additionally, you may apply for a student loan (currently available only to students from Canada).

Where we are based

We created the project at the CMU University in Curacao, Caribbean.
Founded in 2007, the Caribbean Medical University has gained its respectable reputation and high pass rate due to its innovative approach to medical science. The teachers have developed an effective curriculum which implements modern technologies and attracts aspiring medical professionals from around the world. The project inspired scholars internationally, and its final stages were completed by scholars based in the USA, Curacao, and Belgium.

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