How long will it take to complete an online program?

It will last as long as the standard brick and mortar premed program: Premed consists of 3 semesters (16 weeks each), which is a total of 1 year.

Will my diploma indicate that I have taken an online course?

No. In addition, the course diploma you receive after passing the exam entitles you to an automatic
guaranteed admission to the medical program at CMU.

How tuition works?

The tuition fee is $1950 per semester. You can make a one-off payment or pay monthly. The monthly payment is $537. Additionally, you may apply for a student loan (currently available only to students from Canada).

What type of equipment is needed to take an online course?

Tablet/Laptop only. It would be also helpful to have headphones with a microphone (just like for any smartphone).

What if my login does not work?

You need to click „I forgot my password” and submit your email address.

Is there anyone available to assist me if I have questions?

You can ask questions during webinars, you can also post them on the forum. You will get answers from either another premed student, medical program student or professor. You'll be able to see who answered your question. You will also have the option of taking additional individual lessons / tutoring with students from the medical program.

How many hours per week do I need to devote to my online degree program?

It depends on your own learning style. You should generally allot time for readings, participating in course activities, contributing to webinar discussions, completing assignments. Keep it in mind when planning your online program and considering other responsibilities to which you may need to devote time.

How are exams/test/assignments given?

All assessments are taken online. However, we reserve the right to repeat the test in justifiable cases only, at the first basic science classes.

Is online program effective?

It has been proven that there is no difference in the academic success of students in distance learning programs vs.
students in face-to-face programs. In fact, a recent study presented by The US Department of Education states, "meta-
analysis found that, on average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-
face instruction." You can expect to receive the same high-quality, innovative and dedicated educators online that you
would on-ground. Our online programs demonstrate and adhere to the same rigorous academic standards and quality of education that our face-to-face programs do.

How computer savvy do I need to be to take an online class?

You definitely need to be comfortable in front of a computer. Some basics that you will need to know are: how to use your computer, how to save a file, how to attach a file, and how to retrieve a saved file. It will be assumed that you have a working knowledge of office software components such as word processors, spreadsheets, etc.

The online program offers the flexible schedule I need, but I am concerned that it may
lack the "human" one-on-one contact you get with a traditional campus.

Though you will not meet with your class face-to-face, the online Premed program at CMU University and the tools available incorporate many opportunities for interaction. You may find that you communicate with your instructor and classmates more effectively than in a face-to-face classroom environment.

How will we access courses? Is it using Canvas or Blackboard or something else?

Through our own platform, you will receive your login and password details via email.

Are exams proctored online or not?

Yes. All assessments are taken online. However, we reserve the right to repeat the test in justifiable cases, at the first basic science classes.

Are there exams or just assignments?

There are 2 exams: midterm and the final one.

Are lectures recorded or live? If online live, how?

Webinars are conducted live and recorded at the same time, allowing you to see it at your earliest convenience - in case you are not able to attend.